Saturday, December 2, 2017

Pic Update

I came downstairs to find these two chilling
on the sofa one morning. So cute

Owen had wacky hair day at school
and he was really enjoying it

Kate is starting to only eat if she can
feed herself, making mealtimes a
bit messy!
Woke up Wednesday to both kids pretty
sick so a day at home was in order

My Mom came to visit for three days which all of us loved

It was the Santa Clause parade in town today, unfortunately Kate was
still really sick so Rob stayed home with her while Owen and I
met up with some friends

A highlight for sure, seeing this van

Even with a fever, runny nose and
goopy eyes this girl is smiley

I let her play in Owen's lego room
today and she loved it

Owen was pretty happy to have Kate join
in the fun

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Phone Issues and a Delayed Post

A few weeks ago my phone started acting up but I have finally got it sorted out and have been able to start taking pictures again. Due to my lack of pics this post will cover the last three weeks!

When asked for a kiss, Kate is now
happy to oblige

These two had a blast in this box

I really love watching them play together

She loves to be where she can see everything

After too many years of neglect, I got my
sewing machine out and made this
top for Kate

And this romper for me. I might just be
living in this all winter long!

These two were cuddled up together on the
floor so I grabbed my phone to capture
the moment and this is what I got!

The weather was perfect during nap time this
week and I managed to rake and fill
eight bags. In one nap. I rock.

Our morning walks to school can sometimes
be painfully slow as Kate preffers
to walk over a stroller ride

Back to that box again

Oh taco Tuesday, what a party it can be 
Picked up some new shoes for Kate as
she keeps growing so fast

Not that you can tell but I got a haircut and it felt so good

Getting dressed before school is always

And they're off

This morning I woke up to Owen making
omelettes. Rob cut everything but Owen did
everything else. I was so impressed and
they were very tasty

This may not seem to exciting of a pic but
it is. Rob installed an electrical outlet
in the island this week which frees up
a lot of counter space when cooking
and baking. As I said,
very exciting.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy Halloween

I think that Halloween may be more exciting than Christmas for Owen. This year he went as batman to his school parade and a boxer to go trick or treating. We all had a really fun night together.

He wasn't to concerned about his costume,
he was just happy to see us at the parade

I made mummified jalapeno poppers
for dinner

Sean might have tried on some costumes

Kate even got in on the action before
heading to bed

All dressed and ready to head out with

He was back in about an hour, I had
over dressed him and he was too hot. He asked
to go out again and Uncle Sean wad happy to go

Owen drew this at school earlier in the day. I would say it
perfectly sums up his Halloween

Friday, October 27, 2017

This Week In Pics

Last weekend was beautiful weather so we
completed a bunch of jobs outside. We
finally found some lights to replace
the broken ones above the garage

Kate found my fabric dyeing tub and
had a bit of fun with it

Owen and I got out for a park/hiking
adventure on Sunday

We carved some pumpkins

Monday rolled around and the weather
was starting to change, a jacket was
now needed in the mornings

Kate usually wake up around 6am so I
let her play in our room while I stay
in bed for a bit. Somehow she managed
to find and put on my robe

Owen was hiding under the box so Kate
decided to keep him there! I had a good laugh
when I saw what was going on

I had pulled up the Halloween decorations
for Owen to help put up and they have
been a great source of entertainment
for both kids

Good morning cuddles with Uncle Sean
while he makes an espresso

Friday, October 20, 2017

This Week In Pics

I was a rainy weekend so we set up the
play tent in the play room and
the two of them had so much fun together

We made monsters during nap time

I caught Kate playing contently while
Owen was at school this week

What can I say...It's a cute pic!

Kate usually wakes up just after 6 so I
continue to lay in bed while she
plays. She was very quiet so I looked
over and saw she had climbed up and was reading

Thurs and Fri Kate was determined to walk
to school with Owen

My little sweethearts