Friday, October 20, 2017

This Week In Pics

I was a rainy weekend so we set up the
play tent in the play room and
the two of them had so much fun together

We made monsters during nap time

I caught Kate playing contently while
Owen was at school this week

What can I say...It's a cute pic!

Kate usually wakes up just after 6 so I
continue to lay in bed while she
plays. She was very quiet so I looked
over and saw she had climbed up and was reading

Thurs and Fri Kate was determined to walk
to school with Owen

My little sweethearts

Friday, October 13, 2017

Impulse Landscaping

As summer comes to an end and fall settles in, the garden centers begin cleaning out some of their stock. This is my favorite time to shop! We have been discussing many different options for a tree out front and I figured this was a perfect opportunity to see what was on sale. After three separate trips I finally came home with two small ornamental trees for $20 each, both regularly over $100. A weeping pussy willow and a summer wine ninebark which is very similar to the large diablo ninebark by the entrance.
We are not due for frost any time soon so hopefully they will establish before then. I'm already looking forward to the spring!

The weeping pussy willow and just behind,
a small lemon ninebark I picked up
for less than $5 a month ago

The summer wine ninebark tree I put in the
new bed up front to help soften
the big pines on either side

It should get a bit taller and about a 5 foot spread.

My helper for the day

Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Week In Pics

Hamming it up for the camera

Amazon had an amazing deal on this pool
and the kids loved it, sadly some angry
animal took a big bite out of it 24 hrs later

Luckily delivery boxes will always be a hit

I have started cleaning up the gardens for
winter and Kate has been a big help

Owen did the Terry Fox run and was
very interested in the whole story of
Terry Fox and what he did

Her one year check up. 31" tall and 20.5 lbs 
Mmmmmm, spinach and cheese pasta

Owen getting some early morning hockey lessons

She was pretty proud of herself, me on the
other hand, not so excited

Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Week So Far

Kate has been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, she will wake up in the night and stay awake between and hour and a half and two hours. Plus Owen has been coming to visit me regularly during the night for cuddles, making me one exhausted mom.

I was standing at the espresso machine making myself a latte when I looked into the reflection of the artwork that is hanging right there

I took this pic after to get an idea of what
I was talking about

In the reflection I saw that Kate had figured
out how to open the screen door and
was heading on out for a walk, giving
me a heart attack!

We all went to the park on Saturday

Kate had to be wherever Owen was

She was very quick to get up to the
highest point. I took her down the slide
and she loved it

Owen's favourite spot

My official taste tester for my hummus

Woke up Sunday morning to find Owen
doing the dishes, nope, this was
not a dream

Sunday afternoon we had family over to
celebrate Kate's birthday

Leanne provided the decorations which
both kids loved playing with

Owen was an awesome big brother and
helped Kate o[en her presents

I served some of my rhubarb wine as
a spritzer

Fresh made pizza in the backyard was amazing. I think we
polished off 14

Yesterday Kate found my little cover up
and had to put it on and walk around
the house in it

She loved it

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This Week In Pics

This was from the last couple of weeks before Kates Birthday. It has been a bit challenging for me to post as often as I wanted to so this is a catch up post!

Owen is loving being back at school

Kate really does love her pasta.
Dinner and a bath

I caught these two playing tag with
the vacuum

Kate still runs like mad when it
comes her way

I turn my back for two minutes and this happens. Yes, both kids
are in this pic

This is how she likes to eat her cheerios

We all took a walk to our local ice cream
shop for a treat and even Kate got
a wee little cone

Owen's cool dude pose

Caught mid yawn

It's been a tough few weeks of teething
and a cold for this one

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Happy Birthday Kate. I remember this day a year ago still so vividly, and like that our little baby is one. As a birthday surprise, she decided that today was the day she would start walking. I had meant to post this on Thursday, her birthday, but my need for sleep was too much to ignore so it's been early to bed for the past few nights.

She had no idea what was going on but
she was sure excited

I made a banana cake with cream cheese
icing, safe to say she loved it

In fact, everyone loved it

mmmmm, cake

She even shared some with her brother

There was nothing left behind when she
was all finished

Time to burn off some energy after all that cake