Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pic Update

"I'm pretty sure this is not the
same as what your eating mom"

He loves looking after Kate

Uncle Sean came to visit so naturally
Owen was checking out all his stuff

"Mom, you won't believe what's under here"

Owen is really appreciating the new asphalt
our street got last fall, he's using almost
the whole street as his canvas

I was out for a walk with the ladies and came across someones
curly willow clippings, carried them home and they are now
rooting in a vase! Now to decide where to plant them.

It was incredibly sunny and warm after school one day so we all hung
out front to enjoy

Kate loves pulling out all her toys from the box

Looking sharp

Weekends I need to get creative...

In order to enjoy a couple of quiet
moments for myself

Shaving cream, water colours and paper

This was an incredibly quick and easy project
that turned out really well

My little lego master put this together
in two evenings after school all
by himself

Kate does these amazing squishy
smiles, here I caught only part of one 
I could easily make this whole blog about
Kate and her smiles

"Tonight is a Rock and Roll Bath Mom". Seriously, he
comes up with the most amazing things sometimes

Cold and raining but he still wanted
to play outside after school

Proud Mom moment

I love these two

It was a solid 20 min of hysterics because
Owen kept dropping the card. I have no
idea what was so funny but it didn't
matter, it was awesome

Off to a friends birthday this weekend

While Kate and I grabbed a few groceries

I had put her sitting in the middle of the
4 x 4 mat and within minutes
found her like this

Put her back, sitting, and then this. Looks
loke she had figured out how to
push herself backwards, oh dear.

Look who is loving my biscotti

Getting creative with leftovers. It's now Broccoli,
carrot and pear for Kate and she
devoured it

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'm On Fire

Kate was down for a nap, weatherman was predicting ridiculous amounts of rain to start falling shortly so I decided to start a new project of course.
In less than an hour our front garden went from this

To this

The log in front was surprisingly easy to pull up and I hauled it over to my rhubarb patch thinking I may reuse it. I have five variegated Obedient plants to go around the front but Kate has woken up so no more gardening for a few days! 

My always fantastic helper

The side plantings Owen and I did yesterday, three white Goatsbeard and two light purple Beardtongue in front. They should hide the two evergreens nicely once they fill in.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Happy 5th

So the 18th flew by but we were able to celebrate for the entire week with Saturday being the grand finale!

Tuesday the 18th we celebrated with
mini burgers on the bbq

I was too busy prepping cake and
cupcakes for the weekend
so grocery store cake it was

The only person who seemed to mind was Kate!

Of course presents after dinner

Wednesday was 20 after school so we
all played outside after dinner

I think this was the first time without a
jacket this year, so exciting

Owen hanging out with one of his buds

Mom, it's Friday!

I made chocolate treats for the kids
loot bags

Leanne came over Friday a did up a surprise for Owen in the basement.
He had no idea

Thank goodness Oma came over for a few days, I couldn't have done
it without her
Kate loved having all the kids over and
got right into it whenever
it got really noisy

Pizza, pirates and moustaches

The boys devoured the gold and bone

In fact, we didn't even cut the cake. No
worries, we did some good damage to
it after dinner

Owen was having a great time

Highlight was definitely the balloon room
where they had to dig for buried treasure

They could have played there all day

Every once and a while we would loose a body

One final treasure hunt

The guys had to find their treasure chest
loot bags

It was so sweet watching them all work
together to find them all

Time to crack them open and play

After everyone left, Owen went downstairs
and just played

I'm not kidding, rolling and jumping in the
balloons for ever

Sunday, so happy

Owen helped me in the garden for an hour
while Kate napped, I might have
worked him a bit hard

He was practically asleep during dinner...
at 4:30!!