Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ms. Mobile

Today I was texting with my Aunt and mentioned that Kate was refusing naptime today, her reply was that it was probably a growth spurt. Well, that got me thinking and yes, Kate's confidence in standing and cruising have really developed in the past few days.
A couple of hours after that text I was in the kitchen cleaning up and noticed one of the dining chairs slowly creeping by. No one helped her, she was playing quietly on her own and this happened. I was able to catch the last bit on video.

This also reminded me that when Owen started getting mobile I was in the depths of my recovery and don't remember any of it. Luckily a few videos were captured as well.

Monday, August 14, 2017

A Garden Update

I have been very busy this year in the garden both front and back and have been loving it so much. At some point I want to do a post to see how everything has developed over the season but I'm not that organised and digging for the photos will take some time. This is a quick post for now as Kate is sleeping and Owen is busy with lego. I only have pics of the front gardens right now.

The goats beard and beard tongue that were planted earlier this year, they
really haven't done much so need to be move to a better location

Around to the front you can see the small spikes mid front are
the obedient plants with the coral bells in front. Rabbits keep eating
the small flowers that keep trying to grow there. In the middle
is an assortment of coneflowers and zinnias we started from seed.

I popped into Humber Nurseries this week
and loaded up the trunk for $16. I was
pretty happy with my haul

In went the three small astilbes

There are three tall white Liatris, blazing star, but I ended up putting in five.
I also planted three purple coneflower that were already blooming but
again, the rabbits came and ate the flowers. I may need to rethink
these flowers for here, we have waaaay to many rabbits

Finally the back of this bed. You can see the zinnizs flowering up top with
our massive pumpkin growing next. Off to one side is the result of a free
pack of wild flower seeds I was given and I just tossed them on the soil.
Up front are three silver mound that I had transplanted earlier in the year.

A couple of poppies from the
wild flower collection

More poppies, calendula and not to
sure what else! 

Every few days it seems that more and more
flowers are appearing.

A quick shot of the window beds that I made the other year, I'm planning
on bumping this out and making it deeper this year, closer to the fall.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pic Update

My parents came to visit at the end of
July, we were so busy having fun
this is the only pic I took!

Hanging out before bed time

I had a package of wildflowers kicking
around and threw them down late spring,
they seem to be pretty happy

Mrs. Squishy Face

I started amaranth from seed earlier in the year
and they are looking pretty good now. These
are in the back beside the chamomile
and blueberry bush

Pulled this out from the basement and
she was sooo excited. She is constantly
wanting someone to push her around

I've noticed that she likes to be on her
tiptoes often while standing

What may be my last rhubarb
harvest for the season

"Let me out Mom"

We did a quick trip to see Leanne recently

Mmmmm, frezies on a hot summer day

Owen wanted to be sure that Kate did
not get a sunburn

Just hanging out

I was trying to get a shot of the three of us and Owen quickly
turned to give me a kiss, such a sweetheart

Not a great pic but I've been perfecting
my corn tortilla making skills

I've also been getting better (in my opinion)
at styling my hair

I just love that these two enjoy playing together in the backyard

It had started to rain so Owen wanted
to get outside and do some exercise,
I can't say no to that

Having fun with his race car tracks

Honestly, she was lying like this while
trying to figure out how to
turn it on

Tonight, moments before popping her in
the bath, sooo tired

I found Owen at the table working away
on this. I'm so proud of him

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Owen is up at my parents for a few days and based on his total lack of communication with me, I'm guessing he's having an incredible time. Hopefully my parents aren't too exhausted.

Over the past week or so I had started signing the word "more" to Kate when ever it was obvious that was what she wanted. Thursday night while I was changing her she randomly signed "more" for the first time so I said it back to her. Seeing her reaction was incredible. Her face lit up and she couldn't stop smiling, she kept repeating herself so I kept saying it back to her. We were both equally excited. It's now Saturday and she is very quick and confident in letting me know when she wants more!

I was able to catch a short video, it's a bit shaky but fun to see her communicate. Guess I need to learn some new words!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pic Update

We went to visit Leanne and ended up at
a fantastic water park right by her place

I was trying to provide some shade

He loved the different water features

Perfect for the sunny hot day

Kate loved the water as well

Next was the play area 

where both kids had a blast

Then back to Leanne's where Jamie had
made us all wings on the bbq

So much fun for us all

The grass needed cutting so I loaded a
bowl up with watermelon and let
them loose. They look like little zombies!

Walks to the school park are always a hit

Kate wanted in on the action

So we all helped Owen look for "gems",
special rocks for his collection

This weeks project while Kate napped,
I got Owen to help me with the stenciling

I strung/supported the clematis differently
this year and it is really happy

Owen is constantly creating

It started to rain pretty hard one afternoon
so as a joke we said go have a shower

Before long he was naked and Kate had to
outside in the rain as well. A very
fun 40 min indeed

We walked downtown saturday morning
to check out the farmers market

Kate "helping" with the laundry

We went to the local bike park to watch
Uncle Sean ride, this was how she felt about it

Who knew!

Owen enjoyed it

The walk home was even better

Faster mommy, faster

Owen finally got a haircut, perfect for the summer

A new toy arrived and Kate had been
playing with it constantly

She's also been getting faster and getting around