Thursday, June 22, 2017


To follow up with my last post, here are a couple of short video's that I was able to catch of Kate in action!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Miss Mobile

Friday June 9th Kate had figured out how to tuck her knees under herself, I was making Owen's lunch and still remember looking over at him with wide eyes and saying that now we are in trouble. Well, we sure were. The next morning she quickly got herself moving around with no trouble at all so during her first nap Owen and I quickly rearranged the family room in order to have a lego safe area and a kate safe area. Within one week she had mastered crawling and has done a couple of sprints, to chase Owen of course!
This is what our past three weeks have looked like.

Two content kids on a Saturday morning

Kate loves the water so I make sure she get's into the pool every day

Now that she's mobile she crawls
to Owen's room whenever we are upstairs

And is happy to play with her new friend!

"Hummm, this looks interesting"

These two, not patiently waiting for me
to fill the pool

As if I don't have enough stress as it is, Owen
came home with this sticker this week
Nothing serious but still!

As I had said above, nothing serious

A room full of toys and the lids are
her favourite

The second I put her down, she's off

On top of the crawling, both top teeth
are now through making mealtime a
lot more fun

These two are so great together

"Mommy, I need more lids"

Owen and I got caught in our garage this
week during the rain and hail storm,
it was pretty fun to watch

Of course he had to play in it as well, wet
clothes off and warm sweater on

Bubbles will never lose their
 entertainment factor

Owen decided to make a new sign
for the garden

WooHoo, less than two weeks of school left

Kate has been giving me big open mouth
smiles lately and I just love them

Breakfast in the front room

I have no idea why, but this hydrangea is
full of blooms this year while the other two
have none, all in the same location

Checking to see if the pool is filled yet

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pic Update

I'm loving Kate's little latte outfit

May 23rd, I walk in after a nap to see this,
almost had a heart attack! Obviously
she was pretty proud of herself

First rhubarb harvest of the season and
a yummy custard cake was made

She was pretty excited about my cucumber,
mint and cantaloupe drink

May 25th, my mom came to visit with one
request, that I book something for myself.

So I did

Thanks Mom for the push I needed

Rice and vegis, yummmm

Oma was able to join us for taco tuesday and we all enjoyed

Including me!

I use the ball to bounce Kate to sleep
at night while Owen loves to
bounce anytime he can

We all went to Peterborough for my Aunts
birthday. Loved the colour combo of her
kitchen floor and Kate

It was a beautiful day so we got to play outside. The boys had a blast
digging holes in her garden.

Still playing, still digging

Rainy monday walk to school

While Owen was in school I pulled out
the pool, he was pretty excited
when he got home

I'm trying to decide where to plant
a Katsura tree, Oma made a great mobile
tree to help me decide

I planted these Geum Triflorum, Prairie Smoke,
last year and they have started to bloom this year.
Definitely one of my more exciting
garden finds

I know my facial expression doesn't look
it but I'm loving my hair cut so much

Almost as much as she's loving my latte

Kate has quickly learned to point to
something she wants, shepherd's pie
was high on the want factor

It's so sweet watching these two play together

When did he turn into such a big boy!

Owen wanted a new toy so I am getting him
to do chores in order to earn enough money,
he's pretty happy to work towards it

But happier to hang out a play on such a beautiful day. I think they were
searching for ants

Even second day hair looks good...sort of!

It meant I had 15 minutes of quiet to myself

Finally got around to trying my rhubarb
wine from last year and was
pleasantly surprised

And the two top teeth are making their way
through making the past week
or so extra tiring